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Amazing Land Based Galapagos Tours

Are you looking for a cool place to reunite with nature in the most amazing and fun way? Why not give Galapagos Islands a try? Galapagos Tours is the best tourism company for tours and trips around a majestic group of islands called Galapagos. Galapagos Tours offers a variety of tours in the Galapagos Island as well as the Ecuadorian Mainland. The Galapagos Islands is located 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian mainland. There are 61 islands (main islands, smaller island and islet) that consists Galapagos. 97 percent of the entire Galapagos Islands belong to the Galapagos National Park while the remaining 3 percent is resided and inhibited by Galapagos locales and the Ecuadorian Air Force. Galapagos is a home to birds and animals. The environment is a gem for people residing in there. Are you ready to spend your vacation there? Allow Galapagos Tours to take you there with their three (3) amazing land-based tours. Although the company offers ship cruises, there are land based tours that will bring you to the beauty of the Galapagos Island. Go check it out.

Island Hopping

Explore the Galapagos Islands by land. When you decide to go for island hopping, you will tour and visit islands day by day and take a rest and sleep at the hotel reserved for you. You are taken from port to port. You get to witness the beauty of the different islands plus get to be a witness to the lifestyle of the people. However, there is an alternative to this. You can go on an island hopping riding on a yacht. You sleep there and wake up visiting the island from the island. The rate for island hopping yacht based includes in it meals and exclusive English-speaking naturalist guide.

Fishing Tours

Galapagos Tours is the only tourism company that is permitted to do give fishing tours granted that they ought to follow the guidelines set upon them. Their fishing tours are good for four days. Upon fishing, guides are there to maintain order and assure that the world-class controls and regulations regarding fishing are all followed. Hotel, transportation, meal, and guide are covered by the fishing tour package.

Surfing Tours

If you are one of them people who enjoy surfing, Galapagos Tours is there to guide you to have some fun! The Galapagos Islands is ready for surfing all year round. The company knows  the best surfing spots in the islands. They can take you to places where the weather is good for surfing. Surf guides have great experiences with surfing and they have high-level knowledge on that matter.


Are you looking for a cool place to spend your vacation? Galapagos Islands is a must-try, and Galapagos Tours Co. will take you to your destination and allow you to enjoy the above mentioned land-based tours in the best possible way. You can go island hopping and enjoy the scenery and the culture of the people, you can go for fishing tours or surfing tours and enjoy an extraordinary experience with the ocean. Everything is fun and amazing. What are you waiting for? Book your vacation now!