Best Galapagos Tours Hotel Options

If you are looking for a hotel that can give you the comfort that you need while you are living your life or your vacation at the Galapagos Islands, why don’t you book yourself to Galapagos Tours? Galapagos Tours is a tourism company that aims to give the tourists throughout the globe and from the different walks of life with the best Galapagos Islands experience. This experience starts from the place where they are temporarily living in. Everyone loves to stay in  a hotel that can actually satisfy your basic needs and can give you the peace of mind after every long day adventure. There are three hotel options you can choose from. Check it out.

1.      Santa Cuz Hotels

If you wish to stay in the place where the well-known scientist Charles Darwin’s laboratory is located,  Galapagos Tours will take you to hotels situated in Santa Cruz. Hotels like Hotel Silberstein, Finch Bay Hotel, Grand Hotel Lobo de Mar, Hotel Ninfa, Red Mangrove Lodge Galapagos, Hotel Fiesta, and Hotel Fernandina are your choices. They offer you relaxation and good service plus the food is superb! You can never go wrong with these hotels.

2.      San Cristobal Hotels

Galapagos Tours give you a handful of list of hotels of San Cristobal. This island is first in the area. There are over 4000 people living in this place and plenty of animals, too. There are endemic birds and you will feel reunited with nature because of the abundant floras ad faunas. San Cristobal hotels are near to the Galapagos Islands’ famous lake named Laguna El Junco. This is a beautiful spot too. Galapagos Tours’ best hotel bets are: Hotel Casa Opuntia and Hotel Miconia. These two hotels offer relaxation. Jacuzzi, pool, mini gym and great food! These are exactly what you want to have while you spend the rest of the day making memories around the island.

3.      Isabela Hotels

The largest and yet the youngest island, Isabela is the hottest stop. Literally! When you decide to hang about with family and friends on Isabela Island, you will witness and see all the geographical views like the island’s beautiful volcanoes. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy Isabela Island. On this island resides the famous Wolf Volcano. Isabela is considered as a perfect vacation paradise for those who are a fun of geology and naturally-created rock formations. The volcanoes of Isabela are some of the most active volcanoes in the world. This island is beautiful due to the fact that it can be dangerous. There are only two hotels listed: Hotel Casa de Marita and Hotel the Wooden House and Isabela del Mar.


If you are looking for a hotel that can give you the comfort that you need while you are living your life or your vacation at the Galapagos Islands, the islands and their hotels can offer that to you. In every place these hotels are situated, amazing things are found. You can go to the national park, the wildlife or the volcanoes. Whatever our choice is, you are sure to enjoy. Go and book yourself.

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