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Diving Galapagos Guide Islands 1/3

Diving Galapagos Guide Islands 1/3

Diving in the Galapagos is one of the most amazing and wonderful water and underwater activities that can be carried out in any sea or ocean in the world.

What About Diving Galapagos Guide

In 2000, the Galapagos Islands were listed as the best snorkeling in the world, this because for some time now, the laws of nature preservation in Ecuador hardened and allowed greater control and care so valuable ecosystems like the Galapagos.

diving galapagos guide island

In addition, little by little the Galapagos Islands have been recognized as the best dive site to find greater diversity of aquatic fauna, the best place for advanced diving and represents the world’s healthiest marine ecosystem. But above all, diving in the Galapagos is like diving into a watery city full of diversity: penguins, dolphins, sea lions, turtles, whales, sperm whales, garden eels and morays, marine iguanas, golden rays and manta rays, hammerhead sharks, sharks whale, aletiblancos sharks, reef sharks, scorpion fish, bat fish, puffer fish, puffers and countless tropical fish and endemic species unique in the world. More than 300 species of fish, more than 30 coral, a huge variety of invertebrates and algae, and numerous aquatic mammals.

Diving in the Galapagos is considered of medium difficulty high, but there are places where people who are beginner or you want to learn to dive, can practice and venture out to see one of the world’s richest marine ecosystems. The difficulty of diving in the Galapagos is because specific sites and recommended for this activity are places where deep reef diving is practiced, that is, when we talk about deep diving involves drop more than 20 meters below sea level, instead for diving reef must have a good knowledge of diving to not get hurt by the sharp coral or volcanic rocks of the Galapagos waters.

Another popular form of diving in the Galapagos is the night diving shallow as several species of invertebrates and fish are fluorescent, snorkeling in the dark in the Galapagos Islands is how to move between stars. Diving in the Galapagos is generally drift diving also called current, where the undercurrent is what moves you to the bottom.

The visibility is fantastic Galapagos waters, perfect for snorkeling. a range of 30 meters visibility It has, though often reduced to a range between 15 and 25 meters, the shortest when a green coloration in the water due to population growth of algae and plankton is presented.

What does it mean for diving in the Galapagos

Diving in the Galapagos means enjoying the world’s healthiest marine ecosystem.

You will enjoy the company of several marine mammals, over 300 species of fish and beautiful coral reefs.

Plan your dive tour in Galapagos with your preferred travel agent or tour operator.

In Galapagos there are several places to dive and are of a varied level of difficulty.

Remember that in addition to diving there are countless activities in the Galapagos of which you can enjoy.

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Diving Galapagos Guide Islands 3/3