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Diving Galapagos Guide Islands 2/3

Diving Galapagos Guide Islands 2/3

In addition, the best time for diving in the Galapagos is between December and March because water is much warmer due to the confluence of currents (cold Humbolt, it is permanent and comes from the southeast, plus five warm) currents.

At this time, the water fluctuates between 13 ° C and 30 ° C on the surface. Otherwise, the water is usually cold with an average of 10º C.

diving galapagos guide island

We recommend strictly follow the instructions dive guide. The Galapagos diving conditions are variable and therefore the guide can not make an assessment if it is not until the moment is to make the dive. It is worth remembering that you should not run into animals or anything that belongs to the marine environment (only if it is some sort of garbage), animals can get to sting or bite. To observe closely approached cautiously and need not produce bubbles, you can also sit still and wait for them to take the initiative to approach.

Due to new restrictions by the Galapagos National Park, few cruises that offer the service of diving (live aboard diving) from the boat, so that only the Aggressor I and II, Galapagos Sky Yacht (Sky Dancer) and Deep Blue have permission to perform this activity. The latter is recommended for those looking to have a little of everything on your trip to Galapagos.

But if you want to appreciate in all its splendor beauties underwater Galapagos you should opt for a tour from land (land-based diving). These Galapagos diving tours take you from Puerto Ayora to specific places and recommended for diving. Yachts usually do not go through such places, we talk about places like the famous Gordon’s Rocks, or as Darwin and Wolf Islands.

In short, the Galapagos Islands are a perfect place to dive, it denote that they are not massively visited (due to restrictions to preserve their environment), therefore only a limited number of divers allowed per year, this makes them in a very unique dive site. Still, it is worth remembering that you can appreciate the underwater wonders of Galapagos diving with snorkel (snorkeling), this activity is permitted on all cruises Galapagos.

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