Exciting Offers of Galapagos Tours

Are you looking for a tourist agency or company who can offer you exciting tours around the Galapagos Islands and even the Ecuadorian mainland? Galapagos Tours is the best choice! This company offers a lot of exciting tours that will make your vacation a fun and exciting experience. You get to experience and see what Galapagos Islands beauty offers. The beach, the food, the culture, the birds and animals, and a whole lot more. Not only that! It offers more than just Galapagos Islands tours, it also offers a lot of trips even beyond the borders of the islands. Galapagos Tours is your safest and most exciting choice. Do you want to take a sneak peak to their offers? Read below and be excited.

1.      Land based tours

Galapagos Tours offers three kinds of land-based tours. First, they offer island hopping experience to those who wish to visit all the islands in the vicinity. They offer trips to their yacht. Second, the offer amazing fishing tours for tourists who enjoy professional fishing. They hire guides that have a high-level knowledge on fishing according to the regulations set upon them before. Galapagos has a high regard for nature and it shows even in how they treat the environment. Third, they offer amazing surfing tours. It is good to surf all year round. Galapagos Tours know and have the best knowledge  on which island has the best weather for surfing. They just know where surfing gets exciting and better.

2.      Amazon tours

The company offers Amazon tours. Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world. Its rainforest is located east of the Andes mountain range and covers nearly half of the country. With this comes great responsibility to protect these lands and many countries, including Ecuador offer wildlife tours to decrease deforestation and the need for the revenue generated from logging. For all those whose love is to witness the grandeur of the nature, the company is partnered to 15 remoted Amazon Jungle lodges, hotels and river cruises in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Each Amazon jungle lodge offers guests a very unique experience.

3.      Galapagos cruises

If you wish to tour the islands in a unique way, take a cruise! Each vessel can accommodate anywhere from ten passengers on a yacht, to over a hundred on a luxury cruise ship. All of them operate as floating hotels with private cabins, bathrooms with hot water and dining facilities. Galapagos cruises are classified from economy to luxury. You can choose to take a cruise that fits and is very friendly to your budget.


Galapagos Tours can take you to different places in the Galapagos Islands and places neighboring it with what they can offer you. You can try to spend your vacation days hopping from one island to another, surf the waves, go on fishing or you can try to say hello to nature by visiting the Amazon or better yet cruise your way around the island. Whatever your trip is, they will take you there. Book now!

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