Hotels in Galapagos Islands

Hotels in Galapagos Islands

There are a lot of hotels in Galapagos Islands that visitors could be enjoy time. Most visitors to the Galapagos Islands spend their vacation aboard a cruise, but why not spoil yourself and book a room at one of the great hotels of the Galapagos Islands?

We recommend extending your trip, either before or after the cruise to relax and enjoy the daily life of an island. And for those who do not like boats, several islands have hotels where they can stay and enjoy the lifestyle of the Galapagos. There are many things to do, both on land and in water, and the people are as charming as the islands themselves.

Galapagos hotels vary, from youth hostels to elegant hotels. All luxury hotels Galapagos can help you book day trips, kayaking and even some cruise travel.

The accommodation in the Galapagos Islands can be reserved in advance (which we recommend during peak season) or to reach the islands.

Only four of the islands offering accommodation as follow:-

Hotels in the Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz is a great place to stay a few days. Here there are countless accommodation options, from simple youth hostels to elegant hotels of the highest quality. If possible, we recommend you stay a while. You will enjoy hotels and activities available on the island, from kayaking and snorkeling to diving with hiking or cycling bikes you can rent. Santa Cruz is the island that has more lodging options in the Galapagos.

Hotels in the San Cristobal islands

San Cristobal is the capital of the Galapagos Islands, although few visitors. Booby home (much rarer than blue-footed) red legs, a visit to San Cristobal worth, and offers several accommodation options for visitors. Hotels vary in price from reasonable accommodation for budget travelers to elegant and beautiful hotels. San Cristobal also has a small school, for those interested in staying as teachers for a year or two. Take a few days to know the treasures of this island, and enjoy your stay at one of these hotels.

Hotels in the  Floreana islands

Floreana is a site of mystery, love triangles, history and place of Adam and Eve from the new world. Pirates, buccaneers, politicians and historians have come in droves to Floreana in its mysticism and charm. You can stay with one of the first settlers of the islands (and only surviving): The Wittmer may have one or two stories to tell about the early days of the islands. And if not, anyway it is a great hotel where you can spend a few nights and imagine, just imagine how it would have been living here all alone. The Wittmer is the only hotel / hostel in Floreana. The Wittmer are very hospitable and are always ready to welcome new visitors in this strange island.

Hotels in the Santa Maria islands

Nowhere else can you find better deals on Santa Maria area hotels. You’ll find the best prices on the quirky, the haunted, the old, the new, and the legendary. If you’re wondering what side of the pricing scale some of these hotels fall on, you need not to worry. Compare cheap hotels near Santa Maria to find the perfect one to will fit your budget.

Another attraction of Santa Maria Island is its only settlement Puerto Velasco Ibarra, a tiny coastal town. With a few stores, hotels, and restaurants, the main draw of this town is its intrigue and mystery, which is written about in a book called ‘A Galapagos Affair’. This book chronicles the lives of the Wittmer family, the original settlers on the island and how some members of the family mysteriously died.


Leave the ordinary routine you’re set on behind and go. Go anywhere you want. Anywhere that makes you think, “I wonder what that’s like?” you feel of off-the-beaten path and the hotels near Santa Maria are perfect for that. Find your new favorite watering hole on a quiet street. Discover a place to escape for the weekend with tasty local fare and unique sights. We want you to consider the places outside your normal comfort zone. Browse our selection and find the ideal hotel, in a place you’d like to explore.

As we told that only four of the islands in the Galapagos are offering accommodations that the visitors could stay with calmly places. All visitors who visit here they always say that this is the real paradise on earth or what do you say?

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