Land on the Galapagos airport for visiting enchanting city

Galapagos airport


It is very easy to fall in love with the nature. This is because nature is pure and the elements of nature are different in their own way. Due to civilization it is seen that the places that were natural have changed. It is difficult to spot a place that is natural even now. If you get a chance to visit such a place, the planning must be done as soon as one gets the time. For all those who are looking for such beautiful location, the visit to the Galapagos Island is recommended. One can go to the place either through a cruise or by landing on the Galapagos airport. Going on a cruise has its own set of advantages. Same as that the travelling by airplane is preferred for its range of benefits. In this article we would shed light on the travel by air option. We would initially talk about the island and later will provide information about the airports that are closer to the island.


About the Galapagos Island:


The Spanish name for the island is Islas Galapagos. It is an island that is a collection of other volcanic islands. For communication, people of the place use the Spanish language. If we look at the place geographically then we find that the islands and the waters when combined form the national park, marine reserve and Ecuadorian reserve. As far as the population of the place is concerned, it is slight and ranges 20,000 to 25,000.


Why is the island famous?


Galapagos is famous not because it is an island. Instead it is known for its endemic species. These were the species that were studied by Charles Darwin. Only after studying these species, the evolution by natural selection came into existence.


The island is the one that came into light quite late. The first visit to the place happened suddenly in the year 1535.


The Main islands:


As mentioned that Galapagos is a collection of Islands. If you are planning to make a visit to the place you can go to Baltra, Bartolome, Darwin,Espanola, Fernandina, Floreana, Genovesa and many other islands. For more details you can use internet or travel books.


Reaching the place through Air:


Cruising is a fun way to visit a place. But, the travel on the cruise is both time taking as well as costly. In case, you have limited time for the tour, you can take the airplane. Travelling through the plane is preferred because:


  1. It is less time taking and calls for less hassles.
  2. The place could be reached soon after planning completely.


However, there are limited options of flying into the place. If you have decided to visit the island then you need to land either at San Cristobal or at Baltra. Travellers through private aircraft must land on Baltra as the place provides the facility of accommodation.


So, make a visit to the Galapagos and for a swifter vacation prefer landing at the Galapagos airport.


Galapagos airport

Galapagos airport

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