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Galapagos animals: A sneak peek into the wonder species

Galapagos animals

Galapagos Islands are a part of the wonder world. The islands are filled with beautiful elements of nature. When we look at the location of the island then we find that the islands are located within the Pacific Ocean. Also the islands are the place for unique wildlife. The Galapagos animals are the most different and the most enchanting one. In this article we would talk of the animals and we would also shed light on the interesting thing about them.

What do you get when you tour Galapagos Islands?

Touring to an exquisite place like Galapagos gives individuals the chance to get in touch with Mother Nature. As the islands are untouched they contain clean waters, plants and animal species. The giant tortoise is one such species which attracts the tourists from all the part of the world. Apart from the tortoise there are also close encounters with the other wildlife elements. Another good thing about visiting the place is that there are the chances to take the unbelievable photographs. These snaps are the token of remembrance and would give individuals the memory and adventure they would never forget.

Types of Galapagos animals you get to see:

As we have indicated that the island is home to excellent flora and fauna. Some of the animals one might see at the Island are:

  1. The Galapagos tortoise- These creatures are both funny and of pre-historic type. These turtles belong to the group known as the Geochelone elephant onus. The group is further divided into 14 sub-species. These species are differentiated on the basis of their form, size of the shell and other features.
  2. The fur seal and the sea lion: At Galapagos one gets to witness the activities of these exquisite creatures as they move on the land and swim in the waters. While one is there, one must not touch the babies of these animals. This is because they are found by the mothers with the help of their scent.
  3.  The Marine turtle-The turtle is an amazing as well as the graceful animal. This animal must be watched while diving or snorkeling. Within the species are found the pacific green sea turtle. This is the turtle that is the only residential one on the Island. They lay their eggs between the months of December to June.
  4. Iguanas- Marine Iguanas are one of the most enchanting of all the lizards in the world. This is the only lizard that resides in the ocean. They are different and adventurous to watch out. The color of their skin turns different during mating. Even their tongue is leathery and so they ingest the cactus as it is.

Apart from the mentioned animals, there are many other Galapagos animals to watch out for. One can find the birds, penguins and many much more.  So, go to the Galapagos Islands and get in touch with the untouched nature. The visit to the place will surely be an attractive and remembered one.

Galapagos animals

Galapagos animals