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Galapagos Pharma-A renowned pharmaceutical company

Galapagos Pharma

Galapagos PharmaHealth is the most important asset of the mankind and keeping it well is the responsibility of doctors, hospitals and the medicine industry along with the humans themselves. One of the most sought after and renowned pharmaceutical company is Galapagos which develops effective medicines for difficult diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

What is Galapagos pharmaceutical?

Galapagos pharmaceutical company is stationed in Belgium and is based on clinical stage biotechnology. The main focus of the company, being in the medicine industry, is to develop medicines which are powerful in nature and proves to be effective against difficult diseases which are hard to cure. The medicine components are well researched and developed. Hundreds of scientists, researchers and different level employees work in this pharmaceutical company and as per a report of 2013, the turnover of the company was around 160 million pound.

The most important medicine of the pharmaceutical company is filgotinib. This drug is very efficient for rheumatoid arthritis and treats the patients safely. With this medicine the company has proven its worth in curing difficult diseases.

History of the company

The medicine company started in 1999 under the name Galapagos Genomics NV and was a joint venture between two companies named Tibotec and Crucell. The name of the company was later changed to Galapagos NV. The working of the company is on the model of hybrid style of business and the internal programs of the company are mixed with service activities. The present CEO of the company is Onno Van de Stople.

It is a clinical stage biotech research centre and uses technology along with scientific medical research in order to develop new breakthrough experimentsin the medicine industry. One of the methods of research developed in the company is a way of treatment in which the human genes are introduced to the human cell lines. This introduction helps in providing or in removing certain kind of proteins needed or not needed in the body.

Company and its alliances

The company Galapagos from a long time has been entering into an alliance pact for all its research programs which deals with other high ranking pharma companies. These alliance pacts have helped the company to grow and have also helped it to build more than 30 research programs. The programs are based on the ownership ideals of the company. Because of its capability of making major pharma companies its allies, the company was able to achieve ground breaking success in its yearly revenues and could also double up its royalties from selling its products commercially, also certain alliances gave the company geographic rights.


Galapagos pharma in 2005 obtained a drug research company named Bio-Focus, this company was situated in Saffron Walden, United Kingdom. In the year 2006 the company purchased the medicine discovery section of the company Discovery Partners, the UK-based company Inpharmatica Ltd and also the research and development operations unit of ProSkelia which was situated in Romainville, France. This acquisition of Proskeliacompany provided the pharma company a breakthrough in the medicine market of difficult to cure diseases like osteoporosis, bone metastasis etc.

Galapagos Pharma

Galapagos Pharma