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About the Galapagos Island

HOLIDAYING IN GALAPAGOS:The term Galapagos is a Spanish derivation from Islas Galapagos, stretching an area of eight thousand ten kilometres, situated in the Galapagos province. The capital city of Galapagos Island is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. The Island is surrounded by water that form the province of Ecuador, a marine reserve and a national park. On the maps the Island is believed to have appeared in the 1570 and is famous because of the giant sized tortoise found there. In the late 1500s, Richard Hawkins was first who visited this Galapagos. Today, the island has become a national park and a famous tourist sport. This Island is the home of a larger ethnic group of Mestizos, Spanish colonists as well as Native Americans. According to the 2010 statistics, approximately there are more than 25,000 people residing in the Island of Galapagos. Charles Darwin’s famous book, “The Origin of Species” found its inspiration from this island.

Location of the Galapagos Island

The Galapagos Island is locator in the Pacific Ocean, in the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Ecuador is the closest land mass of the island that coordinates from 1° 40’ north to 1° 36’ south and 89° 16’ to 92° 01’ west. This stretch of island is located in both the hemispheres. This stretch of island is divided into two groups consisting of 18 major or main islands and 3 minor or small islands.

About the weather in the Galapagos Island

The weather of the Galapagos islandsis tourist friendly therefore it attracts a number of tourist. Due to the Humboldt current, the island get cold water, and there is drizzling throughout the year making the weather pleasant. The season time is from June to November as the temperature is steady with cool breezing blowing throughout, dense fog and drizzling also makes the island tourist friendly. In the summer or warm season there is not much wind, the temperature rises to about 25 degree Celsius with sun shines.

Names of different major and minor Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos island is divided into two groups-

  1. The major islands which consists of 18 islands are :
    1. Baltra
    2. Fernandina
    3. Bartolome
    4. Floreana
    5. Espanola
    6. North Seymour
    7. Genovesa
    8. Rabida
    9. Isabela
    10. Santa Cruz
    11. San Cristobal
    12. Santa Fe
    13. South Plaza
    14. Santiago
    15. Darwin
    16. Marchena or Bindloe
    17. Pinzon or Duncan
    18. Pinta or Abingdon
    19. The minor island which consists of 3 islands and one nameless island are:
      1. Daphne
      2. Roca Redonda
      3. South Plaza

Galapagos Island a holidaying destination

Because of the scenic beauty and the famous national park, the island has become a well known tourist spot and a holidaying destination for the people from all over the world. Also the Galapagos island attracts a number of tourist because of the weather conditions, incredible wildlife, and amazing underworld creatures. With a varied geographical features and landscape, the islands attracts tourist and is the home of a number of flora and fauna.

There are a number of tourist agencies that arrange trips or tours for people who would like to go on a holiday to this destination. Also there are number of luxurious hotels available for tourist for recreation.