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Sailing through Galapagos

Sailing through Galapagos

Situated on the Equator in the Pacific Ocean are the Galapagos Islands. These islands are part of the Ecuadorian region and include a national park and biological marine reserve. The islands are major tourist attractions and also important from research point of view as Darwin first studied about a number of various indigenous species in the region. There are number of cruises that connect the islands to the rest of the world.

Cruise as mode of travel

The islands are mainly reached through water vessels like ship cruises and boat cruises as all the islands do not have other means of transportation. Only the two main islands of San Cristobal and Baltra have access to airports. The best way to reach and travel between the islands is through yachts, ships and boat cruises. The different types of boat cruises include small boats and day boats. Travelling trough cruises are the best as through different types of cruise packages tourists can see all parts of the islands including the different wildlife of the area and the other environmental complexities.

Types of cruise packages

As there are numerous numbers of islands in the Galapagos archipelago and there are a lot many activities to do in each island so it is not possible for people to cover it all at one go, hence the tour packaging companies have different types of cruise packages depending on the tastes of the people. Some of the cruise packages are:

  • Adventure cruise: through this kind of cruise people can visit the islands where different fun and adventure activities like walking, hiking, snorkelling is done.
  • Extended places cruise: through this cruise, people can visit the other places of South America along with the Galapagos Islands.
  • Exotic cruise: through this cruise people can visit the places of scientific and environmental  importance and can also experience the origins of the islands, the various indigenous species and these cruises have experienced guides.
Sailing through Galapagos

Sailing through Galapagos