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Galápagos Guide Service

Galápagos Guide Service

Open source travel guide to Galapagos, featuring up-to-date information on travel by Galapagos Best Information Centre, with the professional guide service , along with a warmth for all.

How many types of Galápagos guide service

Cruises in the Galapagos Islands

In the Galapagos Islands are cataloged five levels cruise: luxury, first class, superior tourist class, economy class and economic. The features that you can expect from the various levels of cruise are described.

Galapagos Luxury Cruises

Cruisers and luxury yachts in Galapagos will ensure a high level of service to those who choose this option. These boats can have amenities like a swimming pool on board, a gift shop, a Jacuzzi and more. As a rule have hot water, air conditioning and large common areas such as the dining room and a large sunbathing deck. Ships in this category tend to have the most qualified guides. Ships in this category tend to be larger than the others, allowing them to visit some of the most distant islands. Prices for an eight days tend to cost more than $ 2,500 (flights, national park fees and drinks are not included).

First Class Cruise in Galapagos

Yachts and cruise ships that fall into this category tend to be very large, large and elegant decor. They have hot water and air conditioning. However, generally they do not have extras such as a pool. The food in this trip will be excellent, and the guides among the best and most experienced. These boats are often also able to travel to more distant islands. An eight-day trip will cost between $ 1500 and $ 3000, depending on the vessel (flights, national park fees and drinks are not included).

Superior Tourist Class Cruise in Galapagos

The boats that fit the Superior Tourist Class are smaller. They have cabins that can have an ocean view, but some will be below the deck. They have hot water and air conditioning. The social areas are smaller than in the ships listed above, but will not be too narrow; and the food is usually pretty good. These boats usually carry eight to 20 passengers. The guides and itineraries are usually very good. The cost is usually around $ 1000 to $ 1500 for an eight days, depending on the boat (flights, national park fees and drinks are not included).

Galapagos guide service

Galapagos guide service

Cruises and Yachts Galapagos Tourist Class

Economy class craft type, sonde lower quality than the Superior Tourist class in several ways. The cabins may have private or shared bathroom. The social areas are not very large, and the food is acceptable, but not what you would get in a more expensive boat. Naturalist guides are usually acceptable and the itinerary is not bad either. You may have hot water and air conditioning, but will not always be so. Eight days in this type of boat will cost between $ 800 and $ 1,000 (flights, national park fees and drinks are not included).

Cruises and Economy Class Yachts in Galapagos

Economy Class boats are the cheapest option and this is evident in the level of facilities and service they receive. Normally there is no hot water and air conditioning definitely not available. The tour is quite reasonable and the guide is quite knowledgeable. If you book at the last minute, almost always you can book a boat trip economy class, but you may want to have paid a little more for a better trip. A cruise on a boat Economic Class will cost around $ 550 to $ 750 (flights, national park fees and drinks are not included).

Climate and Seasons:

Galapagos climate is always appropriate for tours by boat, but there is a slight variation in climate during the year. From June to December, southerly winds bring the cold Humboldt current north to the Galapagos. This means that the waters are cooler, a high layer of fog pervades the island skies.

The period between December and May is considered the “hot season”. During this warmer season, the Galapagos climate is more tropical with daily rain and cloudy skies.

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